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Schedule I [See regulation 10(2)]

Contents of the Public Annoucement

1. The floor price and the offer price and how they were arrived at.

2. The dates of opening and closing of the offer.

3. The name of the exchange from which the equity shares are sought to be delisted.

4. The manner in which the offer can be accepted by the shareholders.

5. Disclosure regarding the minimum acceptance condition for success of the offer.

6. The names of the merchant banker and other intermediaries together with the helpline number for the shareholders.

7. The specified date fixed as per sub-regulation (3) of regulation 10.

8. The object of the proposed delisting.

9. The proposed time table from opening of the offer till the payment of consideration or return of equity shares.

10. Details of the escrow account and the amount deposited therein.

11. Listing details and stock market data:

(a) high, low and average market prices of the equity shares of the company during the preceding three years;
(b) monthly high and low prices for the six months preceding the date of the public announcement; and,
(c) the volume of equity shares traded in each month during the six months preceding the date of public announcement.

12. Present capital structure and shareholding pattern.

13. The likely post-delisting shareholding pattern.

14. The aggregate shareholding of the promoter together with persons acting in concert and of the directors of the promoter where the promoter is a company and of persons who are in control of the company.

15. A statement, certified to be true by the board of directors of the company, disclosing material deviation, if any, in utilisation of proceeds of issues of securities made during the five years immediately preceding the date of public announcement, from the stated object of the issue.

16. A statement by the board of directors of the company confirming that all material information which is required to be disclosed under the provisions of continuous listing requirement have been disclosed to the stock exchanges.

17. Name of compliance officer of the company.

18. It should be signed and dated by the promoter. Where the promoter is a company, the public announcement shall be dated and signed on behalf of the board of directors of the company by its manager or secretary, if any, and by not less than two directors of the company, one of whom shall be a managing director where there is one.

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