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Delisting of Equity Shares

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+ What is delisting?
+ What are the various types of delisting?
+ Define Compulsory Delisting?
+ Define Voluntary Delisting?
+ What do you understand by Public Shareholders?
+ What is the meaning of Person acting in concert (PACs)?
+ What is meant by the term Control?
+ What is a Small Company?
+ What are the various types of delisting?
+ Are delisting of instruments other than the Equity Shares also covered under SEBI (Delisting of Equity Shares) Regulations, 2009?
+ Whether the SEBI (Delisting of Equity Shares) Regulations, 2009 apply to delisting of equity shares by a company pursuant to a scheme sanctioned by BIFR/ NCLT?
+ Can a Company go in for delisting of its Equity Shares if these shares are listed on the Exchange for a period less than three years?
+ Can a Company apply for delisting of equity shares pursuant to buy-back of its equity shares?
+ Is a Company eligible for delisting its equity shares pursuant to preferential allotment?
+ Can a Company, whose instruments convertible into equity shares are outstanding, apply for delisting of its equity shares?
+ A Company whose promoters are not having sufficient funds to finance the exit opportunity to the public shareholders, can they utilize the funds of the Company for financing the same?
+ Can a company delist its securities without giving an exit opportunity to its public shareholders?
+ What is the validity period of the special resolution passed by the shareholders?
+ Is the appointment of Merchant Banker mandatory for delisting?
+ How the floor price is determined in case of voluntary delisting from all the exchanges where the equity shares of the company are listed?

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Delisting of Equity Shares Delisting offers by Small Companies
Floor Price RBBS Process
Relisting of Delisted Company Voluntary Delisting




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