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Know Your Listing Agreement Compliances

S.No. Activity Time Line
1. CLAUSE 1  
  Issuance of letters of regrets, allotments, rights Simultaneously
2. CLAUSE 13  
  Intimation to stock exchanges about prohibition on share transfer Promptly
2A. CLAUSE 16  
  Notice for Book Closure/ Record Date
In case of Right issue
In case of Bonus Issue
In case of Dividend declaration
7 working days prior to Record Date
3. CLAUSE 19(a),(c)  

Board meeting notice for dividend, convertible debentures, buy-back, right issue

Declaration of dividend or cash bonus

2 working days prior to the date of Board meeting

5 days before the book closure or record date fixed for that purpose
4. CLAUSE 19(b)  
  Board meeting notice for bonus issue (No intimation to stock exchange is required if declaration of bonus is not part of agenda) Simultaneously with the sending of notice to BODs
5. CLAUSE 20  
  Intimation to stock exchange about consideration, recommendation or declaration of dividend, interest payment, cash bonus, total turnover, gross profit or loss, provision for tax or depreciation Within 15 minutes after the conclusion of the Board Meeting
6. CLAUSE 21  
  Intimation regarding the date on & from which the amounts become payable to the security holders 21 days prior to that date
7. CLAUSE 22  
  Intimation regarding the outcome of Board meeting regarding increase in capital, reissue of forfeited shares, new issue, alteration of capital, calls to be made Within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the Board meeting
8. CLAUSE 27  
  Intimation regarding redemption of securities Promptly
9. CLAUSE 28  
  Intimation regarding change in the nature of securities 21 days prior to the proposed change
10. CLAUSE 29  
  Intimation regarding change in the nature of the business of the company Promptly
11. CLAUSE 30  
  Intimation regarding change in the top management/officials of the company Promptly
12. CLAUSE 31  
  Periodical Reports As soon as they are issued
  Notices, resolutions, circulars regarding new issue of capital Prior to their dispatch to the shareholders
  Notices, circulars, call letters, annexures regarding s.391, 394 At the same time when they are sent to the concerned persons
  Proceedings of AGM/EGM No time limit is given
  Notices, circulars, proceeding regarding reconstruction or reduction of capital No time limit is given
13. CLAUSE 32  
  Submission of the Balance sheet and Profit and Loss account. Supply a copy of the complete and full Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and the Directors’ Report, to each Shareholder and upon application to any member of the Exchange.
14. CLAUSE 35  
  Share Holding Pattern Within 21 days of the end of each quarter
15. CLAUSE 36  
  Price sensitive information to be sent to the stock exchanges Immediately
16. CLAUSE 38  
  Annual Listing Fees to the Stock exchnage

Annual payment of Custodian Fees to the Depositories
On or before 30th April each year
17. CLAUSE 40 A  
  Minimum Level of Public Shareholding The company shall maintain on a continuous basis, public shareholding of at least 25%/ 10% of the total number of issued shares of a class or kind as the case may be, for every such class or kind of its shares which are listed.
18. CLAUSE 40 B  
  Takeover code Compliances For continued listing the person who secures the control of the management of the company and the company whose shares have been acquired shall comply with the relevant provisions of the SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Take-over) Regulations, 1997 whenever the take-over offer is made or there is any change in the control of the management of the company.
19. CLAUSE 41  
  Financial Results Filing Within 45 days of the end of each quarter (other than last quarter)
  Intimation of Board Meeting Atleast 7 clear days before Board meeting
  Publication of financial results Within 48 hours of the conclusion of the Board Meeting at which financial results are approved
20. CLAUSE 47(a)  
  Appointment of Compliance officer Appoint the Company Secretary/Director to act as Compliance Officer who will be responsible for monitoring the share transfer process and report to the Company’s Board in each meeting.
21. CLAUSE 47(c)  
  Certificate from PCS regarding issuance of certificate within stipulated time Within one month from the end of each half of the financial year
22. CLAUSE 47(f)  
  E-Mail Id For The Grievance Redressal Division/Compliance Officer Designate an e-mail ID of the grievance redressal division/compliance officer exclusively for the purpose of registering complaints by investors and display email id on the company’s website.
23. CLAUSE 49  
  Compliance report on corporate governance signed by CEO/Compliance officer Within 15 days of the end of each quarter
24. CLAUSE 50  
  Compliance with Accounting Standards The company will mandatorily comply with all the Accounting Standards issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India


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