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Audit- On line/ physical

Focusing on giving you the desired results and to ensure that your delisting is executed in the most effective and law abiding manner, we provide you our specialised Audit tools for your each of your past corporate actions and compliances in regard thereto. You may be weighing the cost and benefits of audit but we assure you that through our online audit services you can instantly know of the hurdles that might come up in your delisting process and thus you can timely respond to the same.

Through our experience in handling such matters, we have developed highly efficient and effective Audit Tools- which can be both on line as well as physical.

Our Audit packages include:

Listing Agreement Audit:
This includes an assessment of your compliances under the Listing Agreement. This is important since, under the Delisting Regulations, 2009, the Exchanges while considering the Application for grant of in principle approval for delisting, will be looking into the same; and any non compliances thereof may act as a hurdle in the Delisting process.

SAST Audit:
Reassessment of your compliances under SEBI (SAST) Regulations- both routine as well event based since the year 1997 till date to enable you to focus on key areas of concern, and accordingly to apply to the concerned Regulator(s) for appropriate recourse.

Inter-se Transfer Audit:
Assessing the inter-se transfer so executed so as to further ensure you that all the effectiveness & accordingly your next action plan.

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